About Libra Impact Project Digital Security Offering (DSO).

At Libra Project, we believe it’s time to change the way the world produces its energy. We aim to positively impact the lives of at least 100 million people by 2030, reduce air pollution and tackle climate change through the development of renewable energy projects. Our value proposition is a socially inclusive model of developing our renewable energy projects with a focus on maximizing social and environmental impact while extracting maximum value. Part of the profits generated are channelled into local social and environmental projects along with a fair distribution of benefits to investors. Even the smallest investment receives the same distribution level of earnings as the founders and directors. To this end, we have created a blockchain-based disintermediation eco-system, which allows us to deliver capital directly into renewable energy impact projects. All of our renewable energy plants are retrofitted with IoT devices that gather technical performance data which is broadcast to investors in real-time, allowing them to track the environmental and social change their monies are generating.

Creating financial solutions that will ultimately allow global inclusion wealth into projects that focus on the triple bottom line, the environment, social impact and financial return.

Impact delivered is tracked securely by blockchain, providing true immutability of Impact data, collected at source through IoT devices.

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Our Digital Securities Offering

Unit Price Hard Cap Min. Investment Max. Investment Total Quantity
USD 0.1
USD 50 Million USD 100,000 USD 10m 500 Million
Holding the Wolrd in a Hand

Making an Impact

Becoming an Impact Investor

Impact investing has been around for many years, however, it has been only available to the rich who can afford to lock up wealth for years into impact projects, often used as a feel good strategy to make the elite feel better about the wealth they have accumulated.

The challenge the planet faces is that there is not enough money going into projects that are focused on making a positive impact on the environment, socially as well as making a financial return. The world needs to change the way it works and rapidly and one way to do that is to include the mass market and open up impact investing to the 99% of the world that currently has no access. This is the ultimate goal of the Libra Project, to create an eco system that channels investors wealth , from as little as $100 into project that are going to create a positive environmental and social impact in the communities as well as making a financial return and sharing the wealth.

The Libra Project Eco-system does just that. At the moment we are the private placement phase, this will fund the first 3-5 renewable energy projects in our area of operation. With the Income shared back to LIBRA digital security owners.

Libra Project

The Libra Project Digital Securities

What does it actually do?

When you buy into a Libra Project Digital securities you are effectively buying a share in a company. If you live in the USA, the asset you purchase will be linked to Libra Impact Renewable Energy Corp, Wyoming, USA. If you are buying a Libra Digital securities from outside the USA you will be purchasing Libra Impact Ledger Technologies Limited, based out of Abu Dhabi Global markets, UAE. These two companies, managed by Libra Project Asset Management in the UK, under the corporate structure, pool the money together and pay for the development of renewable impact projects. We are socailly funding renewable energy projects and the social distribution of wealth generated through our digital securities.

Accredited Investors only

The private placement we are undertaking is for accredited investors only, at the moment we do not have a license to be able to accept retail investors and during the KYC process you will be asked to provide proof that you are an accredited investor. When you enter in you location you will automatically be diverted through to the area that makes sure you buy into the correct underlying asset, a person who is resident in the US will buy into the LIRE company through a broker dealer this will make sure that if you are a US citizen or Resident then the private placement is compliant with the Regulation D offering term and Conditions as set out by the SEC. If you are from other areas around the world we have an exemption set our by ADGM and we are compliant to raise funds in line with the rules and regulations of ADGM into the LILT company based out of ADGM.

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Private placement Participants


Road Map

Our Journey to Creating Impact


Foundation of Libra Project Asset Management Ltd UK (LPAM)

After a year of feasibility studies and project projections we to the approach to incorporate the first Libra Project entity in the UK due to the transparency offered the British incorporation system and the vision of transparency and high corporate governance.


Opening of the first Abu Dhabi Office Masdar City

Our Office in Masdar City. Masdar city is the world first sustainable city, a great place to be located right in the middle of our areas of operation in emerging Asia and Sub Saharan Africa, where many of our earmarked projects will be developed.


Libra Project signs with Block Gemini

Libra project takes on agreements with Blockgemini Dubai to help build and develop the platform that will track the impact data received from the projects as well as develop the eco system and onboarding process of potential clients.


Series A Round Opens

July we took Libra project vision to a number of investors to raise our first USD 500,000 of seed money. Shares were sold in the LPAM UK which owns all the underlying assets.


Libra Platform Launch

The launch of the concept of Libra Project Platform and Digital Securities in Beta Mode to test concept and help investors understand the vision of live reporting


Libra Project heads to Paris

The Libra Project team takes on its first international exhibition where we sponsored and attended the Global Impact Investment forum held in Paris. This event lead to a number of high profile meetings and helped put Libra Project onto the world stage.


World Blockchain Congress - Dubai

The Libra Team represents the only company with offices in the UAE at the Dubai Blockchain Congress getting a lot of interest and support from the Local community.


Davos World Economic Forum

The Founders of Libra Project attend DAVOS in Switzerland where we presented on the UNSDG forum on the implementation of Blockchain to deliver impact projects inline with the UN SDG goals.


Partnership with KoreConX

Partnership signed with KoreConX to take our Libra Project to the USA for the launch of our Regulation D compliant security offering to the US market.


Libra onboards First Impact project

Libra Project Management started the process to onboard its first renewable energy project to be funded out of the reg D digital security launch


Incorporation of LILT Libra impact Ledger Technology

The Incorporation of LILT at the award winning ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) Lilt is the Entity that holds the digital platform and the entity that will own the physical renewable energy projects.


Libra Signs MOU's

Libra Projects signes MOU's on two bomass projects in Thailand


Incorporation of LIRE USA

In preperation for our Regulation D offering LPAM UK opend LIRE - Libra Impact Renewable Energy Company, Wyoming USA.


Libra onboards onboards 2 Hydro Projects in Nepal

Libra Projects signs more MOU's brining the total number of projects to fund to 7 with a tolat project Value of 100m USD, CEO trip to Thailand and the commemncement of Legal due-diligence on the projetcs.


Planned Launch for DSO

Libra Projects planned Launch Date for the reguation D Digital securities offering on the USA. The proceeds of the digital offering will fund the renewable energy projects researched.


Planned Launch date of our Global Reg A+ offering

Libra Project's Vision is to make impact investing available to the mass market allowing a starting investment from only $100, finally making impact invetment socially inclusive.


Platform and blockchain intergration

Our first projects will start gathering data and feeding this into out platform using IoT devices. Live imact data will be fed direct to the digital securities owner